Jay A. Heidbrink, D.D.S. Award Recipients

The Heidbrink Award is the highest honor of the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology, awarded at the Annual Session to the individual who has has most significantly contributed to the advancement of anesthesiology in dentistry. It is given to honor this great pioneer in the field.

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Past Recipients

2017 Christine L. Quinn, DDS, MS

2016 Karen E. Crowley, DDS

2015 Daniel E. Becker, DDS

2014 O. Ross Beirne, DMD, PhD

2013 Paul A. Moore, DMD, PhD

2012 Ralph Epstein, DDS

2011 James P. Phero, DMD

2010 Harcourt M. Stebbins, DDS

2009 Prof. Yuzuru Kaneko

2008 Wolfgang Jakobs, MD, DDS, PhD

2007 Daniel A. Haas, DDS, PhD

2006 Morton B. Rosenberg, DMD

2005 Philip O. Bridenbaugh, MD

2004 Gerald Allen, MD

2003 Kenneth Hargreaves, DDS, PhD

2002 J. Theodore Jastak, DDS, PhD

2001 Raymond A. Dionne, DDS, PhD

2000 John A. Yagiela, DDS, PhD

1999 Robert Campbell, DDS

1998 Joel M. Weaver, DDS, PhD

1997 C. Richard Bennett, DDS, PhD

1996 Stanley F. Malamed, DDS

1995 John Lytle, MD, DDS, FACD

1994 Peter Jacobsohn, DDS

1993 Herbert Berquist, DMD

1992 Alvin Solomo, DDS

1991 Peter Sykes, LDS Dr. Yasuya Kubota

1990 Harold Panuska, DDS

1989 Harry Lange, DDS

1988 George Albert Edward Gow-Gates, MDS

1987 Thomas Jones, DDS Thomas Quinn, DMD

1986 Sylvan M. Shane, DDS

1985 L Lawrence Kerr, DDS

1984 John J. Bonica, MD, Dsc

1983 Daniel M. Laskin, DDS, MS

1982 Adrian Hubbel, DDS

1981 William R. Wallace, DDS

1980 Milton Jaffe, DDS, MA

1979 Norman Trieger, DMD, MD

1978 N. Wayne Hiatt, DDS

1977 Frank M. McCarthy, MD, DDS

1976 William GreenīŦeld, DDS

1975 Francis F. Foldes, MD

1974 Seymour Alpert, MD Charles Coakley, MD

1973 Frederick W. Clement, MD

1972 Joseph P. Osterloh, DDS

1971 Edward J. Driscoll, DDS

1970 W. Harry Archer, DDS

1969 Hillel Feldman, DDS

1968 S.L. Drummond-Jackson, DDS

1966 Morris Fierstein, DDS

1963 Morgan L. Allison, DDS

1962Mendal Nevin,DDS Cloyd C. Schultz, DDS

1961 B.H. Harms, DDS

1960 Neils Jorgensen, DDS

1959 Harry Seldin, DDS

1958 Wm. B Kirmey, DDS Sterling V. Mead, DDS

1957 Leonard M. Monheim, DDS

1956 Daniel F. Lynch, DDS

1955 Edward C. Thompson, DDS

1954 Jay A. Heidbrink,DDS Charles K. Teeter, DDS

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