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Ether Dome + Beacon Hill Area Tour - $86

The Ether Dome, in Boston, MA, was a working operating theater at the Massachusetts General Hospital between 1821 and 1868. Dr. William T.G. Morton, a Boston dentist, made medical history in this location in 1846, when he administered ether anesthetic to a patient just before Dr. John Collins Warren operated on a tumor in the patient’s neck. The beautifully preserved operating theater, featuring a copper dome topped with windows that let in natural light, is nestled within the huge, still operating Mass General Hospital. Today you will tour the historic amphitheater and learn about the groundbreaking surgeries that took place here. You will also get the chance to view other interesting artifacts in the Ether Dome such as a collection of 19th-century surgical instruments, a skeleton, and Padihershef, an Egyptian mummy donated to the hospital in 1823. 

In addition, you will also have the opportunity to explore Beacon Hill, Boston's most charming enclave and see the historic Public Garden, home to the famous Swan Boats and the beloved Make Way for Ducklings sculpture of the Mallard family in Robert McCloskey's classic children's book. Here, you will also see The Ether Monument, also known as The Good Samaritan, a statue and fountain near the northwest corner of Boston's Public Garden. This 40-foot-tall monument commemorates not a person, but a medical breakthrough: the use of ether as an anesthetic. J

oin us for a day rich in history and charm as we explore and celebrate Boston’s groundbreaking medical discoveries!  
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