Brienza Memorial Lecture

 The Brienza Memorial Lecture Award Recipients 

ADSA friend and long-time member Dr. Michael John Brienza of Brooklyn and Shelter Island, NY, passed away on April 10, 2009. To honor Dr. Brienza, his family and friends have created and endowed the Michael Brienza Memorial Lecture with ADSA's Anesthesia Research Foundation. The Brienza Memorial Lecture will henceforward be the keynote speaker at the ADSA Annual Session each year. Michael touched many lives in our Society, and he is greatly missed.

Past Recipients

2017 Karen C. Nanji, MD. MPH. - Evaluating Perioperative Medication Errors

2016 Howard Israel, DDS - The Origins of Pernkopf’s Anatomy Atlas

2015 Robert K. Stoelting, MD - Anesthesia Patient Safety 

2014 John J. Schaefer, III, MD - Airway Rescue

2013 Captain Al Haynes - Teamwork in Crisis - The Story of Flight UA 232    

2012 Richard Cook, MD - How Complex Systems Fail

2011 George Newton D.O., MPH 35 - Anesthesia for Military Trauma in Afghanistan

2010 Ms. Rhea Seddon, Astronaut - Keeping Our Patients Safe-Lessons Learned From NASA

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